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Turn About Tutoring

Providing tutor support to home education learners.

Turnabout Tutoring is a family of learners, tutors and parents committed to achieving academic excellence through a personal and holistic approach to home education.

We provide supplementary tutor and support services to home education parents and learners using the Impaq curriculum. We offer tutor services and assistance with tasks, projects and portfolio work in Afrikaans and English to learners in grade 8 to 12.


Popular Subjects

Popular home education subjects, understanding of the subject,

and a support network to help learners successfully master a specific subject or grade.

Physical Science

Highest qualified Physical Science Tutors in South Africa.

Visual Arts

The visual arts are art forms such as ceramics, drawing, painting, etc.

Business Studies

Make wise decisions about saving and spending your money.


Become a math pro with Turnabout Tutoring.

Information Technology

Learn networking, information systems, cloud computing, etc.


Computer Applications Technology (hardware and software).

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Providing tutor support to home education learners